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A Time to Grow

I was struck with this thought yesterday when I walked into my office: I’ve been away for just a couple of weeks

A Time to Grow 2017-10-17T16:10:37+00:00

Serving God by Serving People

Someone who follows Jesus acts a little differently. That’s how it’s supposed to work—you’ve been radically changed by the creator of

Serving God by Serving People 2017-08-25T11:00:23+00:00

48 Hour Restart

Earlier this week, my man-child introduced me to a millennial business concept, the “48-hour startup”. My face must have betrayed my ignorance

48 Hour Restart 2017-08-25T11:00:59+00:00

The Price Is Right

It’s confession time… Back in my middle school days, occasionally I would feign an illness in order to take a day away

The Price Is Right 2017-08-25T11:01:43+00:00

What are you broadcasting?

Last night, as I was driving home from band rehearsal, I switched my trusty car stereo over to the AM band. It

What are you broadcasting? 2017-08-25T11:02:51+00:00

Lessons Learned in the Minors

The Church @ Clayton Crossings is going to kick off a summer teaching series on twelve books in the Bible that, while

Lessons Learned in the Minors 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Keeping you in the loop

For the most part, I love surprises, especially if they are in the form of cookies. Some of my other favorite

Keeping you in the loop 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Going Viral

“Viral” is a gross word, especially if you happen to be older than fifteen. Now, thanks to YouTube and Instagram, people actually

Going Viral 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Overheard in the Preschool

I frequently take laps around the church to spur the ol’ creative juices. During one of my jaunts this week, I overheard

Overheard in the Preschool 2017-05-12T01:23:46+00:00