Mark your calendars for Unite Weekend Nov. 18 – 20 2016 

Unite weekend is designed to create a camp-like experience for students in the fall. In its simplest form, Unite Weekend is a weekend retreat for our students.

Unite Weekend is an amazing time where a large portion of our church has the chance to play an important role in your students’ lives. The heart behind unite weekend is to join churches all across Johnston county to make much of Jesus.

We will be partnering with several churches across Johnston County for an incredible weekend packed with worship, amazing teaching & serving in our community.

Students will stay in Host Homes through the weekend.

“Host Homes” are a key feature of Unite Weekends. A host home is where a family in the church agrees to host a student community group for the weekend. Students will meet in the host home for Bible Study (when students aren’t at the church for Large Group sessions or other activities).

For Grades
6 – 12


Mark Roberts from Tampa, FL
First Priority National Staff Member

Mark was part of the team that developed the first major First Priority local city over 23 years ago, in Birmingham, AL. He has an extensive background in student leadership training through organizations like; SLU, N.A.M.B., and Northpoint Community church.

Mark has also spoken to thousands of teenagers over the years, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the call to be a missionary on their school campus. Mark currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Tonya, and his two sons Hayden and Cole. Mark’s family attends South Tampa Fellowship, where his identical brother Todd serves as Associate Pastor of ministry.

Worship Artist  

Sep. 21 $25
Oct. 19 $25 (last day to cancel to receive refund)
(You may pay in full anytime before Oct. 19)

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