For the most part, I love surprises, especially if they are in the form of cookies. Some of my other favorite surprises include temperatures in the 50s in June, forgetting to set my alarm on Saturday morning, and one of Emma’s “ninja hugs”.

Missing something important, though, is a very unpleasant surprise. That happens way too often in my life…

Fortunately, The Church @ Clayton Crossings has figured out a way to keep you posted about everything going on at church. Think of the bliss, you makers of plans – you’ll never miss another meeting or event!

We created as a tool to keep you informed. You can browse the church calendar, receive information (like my blog posts) in your email inbox, review your contribution record, email your community group, and so much more.

Has it been a while since you’ve logged in? Maybe you’ve changed email addresses or telephone numbers. Yikes – think of everything you’ve been missing! Or, perhaps you’ve NEVER set up an account.

Relax, friends. I recorded a video that walks you through the process of starting (or restarting) your myclaytoncrossings account. Log in, update your profile, and take a look at the calendar – you find something for your whole family to love at The Church @ Clayton Crossings!

What I’m reading:
Cities of God: The Real Story of How Christianity Became an Urban Movement and Conquered Rome by Rodney Starke


What I’m listening to:
“Rooftops” by Jesus Culture.


About me:
John Sanders is the non-stuffy pastor at The Church at Clayton Crossings. His primary mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. Additionally, he longs to write like the child of Aaron Sorkin and Dave Barry, preach like W.A. Criswell, look like Bradley Cooper, and eat like he’s seventeen years old. A more complete (and less snarky) bio can be found here.


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