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What I’m thinking:
I try not to spend too much time contemplating kitchen appliances, but recently found myself thinking about the differences between the various things in my house that are able to make cold food hot. Now, before you think I’ve completely lost my mind (that ship has sailed, by the way), there’s a good reason for my devotion of gray matter to culinary concerns–I was responsible for dinner on Tuesday. Yikes!

Lisa was going to be out of town, and it was up to me to provide dinner for the kids. It should not surprise you to know that I’m a live-for-the-moment kind of guy, so I started thinking about dinner approximately 12 minutes before it was time to eat. Upon deep reflection of my favorite dishes, I realized 12 minutes (10 minutes by the time I quit dreaming about Lisa’s cooking) was not enough time to prepare what I really wanted: Mexican food. I love it ever so much. In fact, I love it muy mucho. If you can put it in a tortilla, it’s my kind of meal.

As I was rushing headlong into my evening of loneliness and despair, wondering if a dinner of peanut butter crackers, sliced olives, and a rapidly softening sweet potato would result in a child neglect conviction, I remembered the recipe for Chicken Tinga, which happens to be one of the only things I’m able to cook. The fog of melancholy was starting to lift. We will eat. We will rejoice!

My elation was short lived for I remembered the super-secret ingredients of Chicken Tinga are a crock pot and six hours. Houston, we have a problem.


Quickly, as my brain switched to problem-solving mode, the microwave oven caught my eye. Could it be that this magnetronic modern marvel, so beloved by the instant gratification crowd, would come to my rescue? Want the short answer? No.

I called Papa John’s.

As we were fecklessly noshing on our thin crust pizza, I started thinking about how much I enjoyed food that was birthed in a crock pot versus my toleration of food heated up in a microwave. On the John Sanders’ food happiness scale, with 10 being the highest, microwaved food comes in at a modest 2. Crock pot food? It hits 11 every time.

When it comes to developing unshakable faith, I’ve met far too many Christians who are content with microwave faith. They want maturity right now, and it’s ok if the end result isn’t that great. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty lame to me.

I believe a vibrant relationship with God is born over time. Much like a crock pot meal, good stuff requires the right ingredients and a lot of time. Don’t get me wrong–when we place our faith and life in the hands of Jesus, the transformation is instant and dramatic, but the overwhelming feeling of being close to the creator of the universe only intensifies as we consistently interact with Him. Your faith grows stronger the more you experience God’s provision in your life.

Perhaps that’s why David wrote in Psalm 40:1, “I waited patiently for the Lord, and He turned to me and heard my cry for help.”

David understood that the best things, God-sized satisfaction, requires a little bit of trust, a touch of obedience, and the patience to allow God time to accomplish His work in your life.

What I need to remember:

  • Our Operation Christmas Child drive is in full swing. Partner with us to provide happiness and hope to children around the world – pick up your empty shoebox at church on Sunday morning. More information at www.claytoncrossings.com/occ
  • Sunday morning preschool is growing! As God continues to bring more families to our church, we need you to step up and be a smiling face in one of our preschool rooms. You’ll only serve for an hour every 4-6 weeks, and your service just might allow a parent to meet Jesus – how amazing is that? To get more information about how you can serve, take a moment to fill out this short form.

What I’m reading:

What I’m listening to:

  • “Listen to the Sound” by Building 429 had my head bobbing this morning.
  • Bryan’s been listening to classical music in the car (89.7 FM). It’s done wonders for relaxing me while I drive.

About me:
John Sanders is the non-stuffy pastor at The Church at Clayton Crossings. His primary mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. Additionally, he longs to write like the child of Aaron Sorkin and Dave Barry, preach like W.A. Criswell, look like Bradley Cooper, and eat like he’s seventeen years old. A more complete (and less snarky) bio can be found here.