On Tuesday, October 4, Hurricane Matthew left chaos and destruction on the already impoverished island nations of Cuba and Haiti. The areas that are the hardest hit are not yet fully accessible, but early reports (as of October 6) indicate more than 100 deaths. Additionally, survivors will face several risks in the months ahead, including an increase in cholera cases and mosquito-borne diseases. Haiti is still recovering from a devastating earthquake (2010) that killed more than 220,000 people, left 1.5 million others homeless, and caused an estimated $14 billion in damage.

When disaster strikes, local churches find themselves on the front lines–they’re the first place people turn to for food, shelter, medical supplies, and some much-needed hope.

The Church @ Clayton Crossings has launched and actively support several churches in Cuba. , As a result of our partnership with Baptists on Mission, our church provides financial resources to churches in Haiti.

Our front-line friends (pastors and church leaders) need your help to meet the physical needs of thousands of people who lost their homes and livelihoods.

We’re asking you to donate any amount to help ease the suffering in Cuba and Haiti. Since we’ve established relationships with ministry leaders in both countries, we’re able to ensure that 100% of everything you give goes directly to churches and relief agencies.

No overhead, no salaries, no marketing costs. 100% of everything we receive will be placed in the hands of caregivers on the front lines. You can donate through our secure website at claytoncrossings.com/frontlines.

Thank you for your financial gifts and your continued prayers.

John Sanders
Lead Pastor, The Church @ Clayton Crossings