Community Groups

What are community groups?

You were not created to be alone! Community groups are where you find the people you grow, laugh, and serve with. Groups allow you to enjoy sharing your life with other people while exploring and growing in faith.

What does a community group look like?

Community groups are typically around six to 10 people, in a similar stage of life or with a common interest, who gather together once a week. You’ll share what God is teaching you, challenge each other to dig deeper in God’s Word and pray for each other. We offer community groups for men, women, couples and singles, middle & high school students and college students.

How do I find a community group?

It’s never been easier to find a group at The Church @ Clayton Crossings! You can browse all available options using our search tool below:

Soul Farmers

We are a group of 18-32 year-olds who share a common desire to learn how to serve God with everything that we have. We do this by learning how to live out the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission. Jesus told us to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul" and "to go make disciples of all nations". Through group discussion and sharing, we extract the truth, wisdom, and guidance that scripture gives us. We will apply what we learn by taking the Gospel to places that need it most. On a regular basis, we will go serve people who are in need, such as; orphans, widows, the poor, the sick, and the elderly. We will follow Christ's example by being intentional in loving and serving those who appear to be the farthest from God, such as; criminals, drug addicts, and others.

Led by: Adam Durovey For Ages: 18-32 Meets: Every Sunday from 10:30am-11:30am
Childcare Available? Yes - At C@CC Topic: Group Type: Everyone Welcome
Location: D123 - Main Campus Begins: August 21, 2016 Status: Open

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