Misty Ranes who is a member of The Church @ Clayton Crossings is a devoted wife to David, proud mother to two amazingly creative children, Jared and Emma, and a very unexpected fur-baby, Riley. When not wrangling home-school duties for the kids, Misty runs an embroidery business out of her very cluttered and unorganized office. Her favorite time of day is at her dining room table with a strong cup of tea and her even Stronger Savior, her heart soaking in His Word.

Originally Posted: Sunday March 8, 2015 

It has been such a Holy day. To borrow words from an excellent Bible teacher “I am almost to tender” to speak about it. Sadly, it caught me off guard today. Unprepared. Most certainly and always unworthy. But the absolute fullness of His presence today has been….well, I can’t think of a word to give to it. It began in worship with the sweet reminder of His love for me. Y’all, He loves us.I mean, He really loves us. Completely. Fully, With no exceptions.

God knows just how ugly we can be. How much pain and hurt we can cause ? How we can say one thing an do another ? How we can manage to put every .little. thing. before Him and He STILL loves us really loves us?

Then, a word from our Youth Pastor that shook me…straight from His heart of love for us, He poured out His Truth thru a willing vessel straight to a dry and thirsty soul. For because of this great love He has for us, we are to pour out His love to every single person we come in contact with. All of them. Even ones who intentionally and neglectfully break our hearts. I like to think that I love His people. That I serve His people….but the Truth is I fail at that continually. Brandon our Youth Pastor talked about

“doing and saying everything through a filter of love.”

I needed that analogy. I have to filter my thoughts, feelings, emotions, responses…ALL of it., thru a filter of love. And as if that wasn’t enough for one day, I went to Bible Study tonight and the new truths of John 15 that I discovered tonight have my mind spinning. He is so good to us. He intends for each and everyone of us to effectively produce fruit. So much so that He is anxiously waiting and watching…

He is not only cutting off the branches that are not bearing fruit, but He is pruning those that ARE and making them even more effective. Wow. If you made it this far in this “Article”, then you are seeking the fullness of His presence too ! I pray that you will find Him faithful. He cannot fail you. He sees you, hears you and know your every move. He is for you. He will not forsake you in your weaknesses. Let Him show you WHO He is.




Enjoy this amazing song ! Such a great reminder of the Love God has for us!

Love God! Love His People! Serve His Church! #filteritallthroughlove