Parent Cue May 2016

Think About This 

We all know we should want our kids to volunteer somewhere, right? It looks great on college applications. It helps the community. Volunteering is never a bad thing. The problem is, time to volunteer or serve somewhere competes with the time required to do a lot of other really important things like…

• Homework
• College applications
• Sports practice
• SAT prep
• Family Time
• Down Time

And the list goes on and on. While we all know that serving is a good idea, it’s tempting to feel like we should skip it in favor of the activities that will benefit our kids long-term. But are we missing something?

In this Parent Cue podcast, Dr. Kara Powell, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy discuss what benefits our kids could experience by serving, and how missing out on those opportunities could impact their future.

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