Never Stop Praying Week 3 Parent Letter

Lesson 3 

Dear Parents, 

This week we completed our third and final study on the topic of prayer. This week’s lesson was great as we spent our entire time unpacking the Lord’s Prayer. This is a meaty prayer and made for some rich discussion. 

This week, the lesson was entitled “Follow the Leader.” The point of the lesson is that students would learn about the Lord’s prayer and how this is the framework for a growing and healthy prayer life. 

We spent our entire study on the Lord’s Prayer found in: 

• Matthew 6:9-13 

In our lesson we found that there were 5 key ingredients to a growing and healthy prayer life. 

  1. Our prayer is toward a God who is deserving of reverence and honor while at the same time

    relationally accessible.

  2. The focus of our prayers is to be God’s Kingdom and will being done, not ours.

  3. God cares about our daily needs and concerns but we must be careful to not get too worried about the

    future or confuse needs with wants.

  4. Sin ruins relationship and in order to have a good relationship with God and others we must own our

    sin, ask for forgiveness and extend it to others.

  5. Following God leads somewhere, and we need God to actually direct our path and protect us from the

    world and ourselves.

Next Steps . . .

As we continue to talk about prayer and intimacy with God, here are some questions you can have with your teenager for continued conversion:

  • Ask: What are some ways that you can be used by God to bring about His Kingdom here as it is in heaven?

  • Confess how you too often confuse needs with wants. (Maybe together you can affirm all the ways God has cared for your needs and pray together about the needs that still need to be addressed.)

  • Forgiving others is one of the hardest things God asks us to do. It might be helpful to ask how your son or daughter needs to forgive. Many students have been wronged in huge ways and have no real outlet to process.

  • Ask: How can I be praying for you?
    Thank you for all you do. If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to call me.