Good morning!

Even though we’re unable to meet in the same room, we’re getting ready to spend time looking at God’s Word together. I love how technology allows us to bridge the miles to connect with each other!

To help you prepare to encounter God, consider what we would do as a church family if we were together and do them at home this morning…

  1. Pray. Spend some time with God. Ask Him to open your heart and mind to receive His truth. Thank Him for who He is and what He has done. Thank Him that you can engage in worship in your pajama pants!
  2. Praise. When we get together and sing, we’re singing songs about God and singing songs to God. God is really amazing – the songs we sing remind us that an all-powerful and all-holy God has chosen to love and save us. You don’t care if you scare your kids or your neighbors by singing out loud, so here are a few of my favorite worship songs that are available on YouTube:
  1. Engage. My devotion this morning will come from Acts 27. I’ll be using the New Living Translation – you can find it at
  2. Watch. You can find the live stream on The Church @ Clayton Crossings app or on our website (from the home page, hover over “Media & Resources”, then click the yellow “Live Stream” button.)
  3. Apply. Do something with what God reveals to you. His word was not given to us for mere instruction; He gave it for our transformation.
  4. Give. God allows us to share His message, even in the middle of a storm. How we’re engaging worship and fellowship this morning is how a bunch people worship with us at The Church @ Clayton Crossings every week – people from all over the world are part of our online church. We’re able to provide that type of ministry (plus dozens more!) because our partners faithfully give. By doing so, you demonstrate your trust in God. Here’s how you can remain faithful in giving:

Thank you for worshiping with us today – I’ll see you at 10:30!