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Sunday 9 am & 10:30 am I Wednesday 7pm

The Church @ Clayton Crossings
11407 US 70 Bus Hwy W | Clayton, NC 27520
Office: 919.550.6877 | Fax: 919.553.8195

“Striving for Spiritual Growth in a Safe and Fun Atmosphere!”

…children excited to come to church
     …a safe, caring learning environment
         …decorated classrooms
              …loving and trained teachers
                   ...and children growing by leaps and bounds in their walk with God
                         ...would you like to see your children experiencing any of this? 

That’s our heart for children here at C@CC.  We believe our mission in children’s lives is more than just babysitting – it is challenging them to take big steps in their own walk with God – and giving that challenge in unique, exciting ways appropriate to each age level.  And our passion is to create an environment that is as fun and as safe as we can make it. From a high-quality Nursery to the activity-filled Preteen Ministry, everything we do is done to maximize our impact on these little lives and point them to Christ.  Want to learn more?  Contact childrensminister@claytoncrossings.com or just stop by to visit!

Core Commitments and Values of our Children’s Ministry

Connecting Characteristic: Excellence

1.     Committed to Growing children to spiritual maturity.
2.     Committed to Community – building relationships to children and among children.
3.     Committed to Creativity – using highly effective engaging ways to teach God’s Word.
4.     Committed to Parents as spiritual leaders to their children.
5.     Committed to Safety – doing so much to keep our children safe.