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New series in Knights Club

We are beginning a new series on the life of Moses in Knights Club.  This Wednesday night, we will learn how God

New series in Knights Club 2017-02-28T08:36:03+00:00

A Miracle in 28 Days

What was life like for you in middle school? For me, it seemed my brain was permanently detached from my body (in

A Miracle in 28 Days 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Dinner for Ten

Please allow me to introduce myself–I’m Lisa Sanders and I’m married to the pastor at The Church @ Clayton Crossings. Some of

Dinner for Ten 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Church, online.

Good morning! Even though we’re unable to meet in the same room, we’re getting ready to spend time looking at God’s Word

Church, online. 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Thank you!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas–we’re still experiencing the good cheer with family in town. It’s been a busy holiday

Thank you! 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Nostalgia or New Day?

I spent last weekend in my hometown. We ate steak for Thanksgiving (the start of a new tradition!), celebrated my sister’s birthday,

Nostalgia or New Day? 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

Unshakable and Unstoppable

I’ll never forget preparing for my first sermon. I was 19 years old, newly married, and scared out of my mind. My

Unshakable and Unstoppable 2017-08-12T21:25:51+00:00

On the Redemption of the Smartphone

Smartphones. For some people, they’re a necessary annoyance. For others, their iPhone has become the adult version of a pacifier. For a

On the Redemption of the Smartphone 2017-08-12T21:25:55+00:00